Volumetric Lighting in Maya

I started to experiment with creating volumetric lighting in Maya but I found it difficult to get the look I wanted. At first I was using a spotlight and creating a light fog node but when I tried to shine it through a window shape the spotlight would shine through the geometry of the wall. I realise now that this was probably due to the samples being too low.

I was also finding it hard to make the light rays appear through the window.

Alec reminded me of this tutorial so I went back and tried it out as an alternative to using the spotlight fog node:

Maya: Creating Volumetric Lights in Mental Ray (Long Version)

This method uses volume primitives to add a container of fog within the scene. I liked that this method affects area lights as well as spot lights and I also liked how soft it can be. However, the fog rays were invisible from the angle I wanted to render at so I stopped experimenting at this point so as to work on other parts of the short.

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