New Snappy and Gerard Textures

I brought Snappy into Mudbox to experiment with creating detail using the sculpt and paint tools there. I then exported my layers back into Maya as texture maps and tried applying them onto materials with different attributes. I had tried making a specular map on the scales but it didn’t work as I had expected. Also at this stage Snappy had not being rebound to his animated rig so I had trouble trying to add detail to the inside of the mouth. I tried using the pose tools in Mudbox for a quick solution but that didn’t work so well for me either. The displacement map was also giving me bother at first so I read through some Mudbox help pages:

In the end I found the problem was because I hadn’t connected a missing edge between Snappy’s feet. I then had to make sure that this was also fixed on any models that I was transferring UVs to as this had prevented the transfer in the previous model/design of Snappy. My .exr files then decided to stop working which I found out was due to another plugin not loading:

I tried using my paint layer as a bump map which created more pleasing results and caught the light nicer. Katie and Blayne liked both so I also tried a version where some of the bump map was softly erased around the mouth.

I experimented a little with how the eyes could look. I tried plain humanoid eyes and black eyes with an incandescent white center. Reptilian eyes may also have been an option but we liked the black/white ones enough to stick with them.

Gerard unfortunately didn’t get the same texture treatment which was a lot due to time. Katie made a colour scheme that would stand out against Snappy. I then tried a simple dot texture by tweaking the Maya default textures. We were afraid it looked too much like camouflage/dappled light which would make Gerard more difficult to see so we kept him as plain colour solids in the end.


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