More Feedback and Revised Monster Design

We got further feedback from our classmates, the final years and Greg. The class consensus seemed to be that ore original idea was funnier than our proposed revised version of a monster with one tooth being the main character. Greg gave us further feedback about our monster designs for Snappy and Gerard. He said that in our later animatics we were loosing the contrast in shape between Snappy and Gerard, Snappy being broad and hulking while Gerard being small, tall and thin. Greg also suggested that Snappy’s horns were distracting and not needed for the story. I personally liked the graphic image of the horns against the backlight and thought as a design element they could be an icon of monster-ship but I also see how their absence of height emphasizes the hulking shape in Snappy’s new design. More teeth were also called for:D Blayne re-designed, re-modeled and re-rigged Snappy with the feedback in mind!:) My job was to re-light and re-texture.

Goodbye Aku-inspired horns.

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