Lighting and Texturing the Bathroom

We wanted to create an atmosphere that would be suitable for a scary monster but not something too dark and grungy. I experimented with what I had read about the lighting in American Cinematographer about Penny Dreadful and how they were encouraged to push the black. I found it hard to get a balance between dark shadows and still getting a clear read of the scene. I also didn’t want the shadows to be too deep and without detail. I experimented a bit with using image based lighting to lighten the shadows as Alec suggested but didn’t spend enough time playing with this. Final Gather also helped to lighten the shadows but added a lot to the render time.

For the wood texture I painted over a photograph of wood and then used my painted layer alone as a bump map. I tried roughing up the wood of the mirror with a painted bump map also but the team preferred the mirror being smooth.

I used mia_material_x presets for the other assets. I had unwrapped everything with the intention of adding more details such as worried surfaces and labels. I also shared the unwrapped and lit project files with Andrew to experiment with. Katie gave her eyeball model to me to put in the bottle like we originally intended but then we though it looked quite distracting (like you can see above). I would have liked to see a Brian Miller inspired graphic look on this also like I mentioned in a previous post – link

I hadn’t unwrapped UVs in a while so at least it was some practice.  I also tweaked some of Blayne’s models to have more detail that would catch the light such as on the taps.

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