American Cinematographer – Penny Dreadful

Rhodes, P. (July 2015) Tortured Souls. American Cinematographer

I looked at Penny Dreadful for some knowledge on creating horror and mood with lighting. This would have been more relevant if we had of focused the comedy on the contrast between a scary opening turning into a monster carrying out a mundane task but it was still interesting reading about the thought process and approach the team on Penny Dreadful had for creating the lighting.

“The characters find themselves in some very dark environments…The backgrounds just drift away into darkness. While we were grading episodes one and two of season two, Chris [W. King] and John [Logan], our producers, said over and over again to us and to the colorist, Chris Wallace, to ‘Go dark, cave it in, go as dark as you dare.’ – to tell the story visually that we want to tell. ‘Don’t feel restricted – that’s the main thing John wants. He wants the show to feel foreboding, for the audience to squint and find the characters in the darkness.”

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