Snappy the First: Unwrapping UVs and Transferring to Mudbox

I was looking at this tutorial in an attempt to understand a multi-tile texturing workflow.

Standard UV Mapping vs. Multi-Tile (2014)

I found in the following link that you can use the arrow keys to move a UV shell up or down in the UV coordinates/between tiles.

Although I eventually organised my maps into tiles outside the normal 0-1 space I then had trouble using this format for creating snapshots for photoshop. I couldn’t figure out how to snapshot each tile as an entire texture space i.e. with a resolution of 1024 or 2048. Instead my snapshots were a far away view of the tiled layout as a whole. I eventually figured out how to take snapshots of particular coordinates but then I think I had problems exporting to Mudbox so I just resorted to using a single tile.

I tried exporting the UVs as a .obj at one stage – it took me a while to find out that exporting as a .obj required a plug-in to be turned on which I found out here:

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