Snappy Sculpting

Following on from the Digital Tutors tutorial I did about working between Mudbox and Maya (link), I experimented with sculpting scaly/reptilian/rough bumpy skin in Mudbox onto Blayne’s model of Snappy. I then exported the detail back to Maya through a displacement map. I had also mapped the UVs and used them to add painted detail in Photoshop. I had started to try combining my photoshop layers within the layered shader in Maya but this was starting to increase render time quite a bit. Both Katie and Blayne commented separately that it looked like Snappy had paint thrown at him – while I was aiming for a painterly look I didn’t want it to look this extreme. We had also decided together that the arms and horns would look cool if they were both bone or maybe ivory.

I had problems with the displacement map at one stage which produced some funny results. Also, those colours should never have happened.

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