Animatics for “Open Wide”

We discussed that it might be fun to set the monster up within a scary atmosphere at the beginning. There would be a short build up of tension as the monster approached the camera with glowing eyes and there would be dramatic low key illumination from a side window or back-lighting. We considered what it would be like to remain as one shot or cut between monster details. The mirror light would then click/ping on, breaking the tension and revealing a non threatening monster who would proceed to laboriously brush her/his teeth. The main joke of the scene would play out when the small monster would come in and quickly brush it’s one tooth.

Blayne sketched and cut together a version of this:

Blayne’s also put together a 3D animatic of what the team had discussed.

I also made a slightly different version where the reveal of teeth is more spread throughout the short and there’s a final reveal at the end. I re-used Blayne’s sound mix from his first video so it doesn’t match all that well.

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