Composition Studies: Van Helsing

These are my composition studies from this evening (15 minutes each). I found these stills taken from Van Helsing (2004) to be even more difficult than those from Pirates of the Carribean yesterday. I think forms are harder to capture when there’s not a well defined directional light. I guess that means I’ll have to spend time practicing more overcast forms of lighting. It’s also interesting to see how characters are able to stand out from the background even when their values are mixing together. I usually take the easy route and mask the characters and background separately so as to change the contrast easily in Photoshop but I’d like to be able to use more subtle/blended contrast also. I’m guessing that rendering separate layers in Maya for fore/mid/back-ground and compositing them with different values will be a good way of going about this too.

Yup, definitely need practice for quick observations.

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