Paper Wings – Tips To Make your Characters More Dynamic And Believable

This is a helpful pdf containing a few quick character design tips from the Paperwings podcast:

Click to access PWP09_CharacterDesignCheatSheet.pdf

In summary they look like:

  1. Surprise me: try creating contrast between appearance and personality.
  2. A strong silhouette is everything: think in terms of shape and size and become familiar with visual cues for particular character types.
  3. Don’t waste your time with turnarounds (unless you need orthographic images for modeling) –¬†expressive and acting poses will tell you more about the character.
  4. Get rid of your cable: Avoid character cliches and arbitrary accessories that distract instead of enhance.
  5. Find the power center – this influences the way that the character carries her/him -self.

Most importantly – the inside, thought and emotion, always affects the outside, the physical. Always design from the inside out.