Revised Camera Movements Scene 02

In scene 02 we’d originally framed the scene from further away with a slight zoom leading inward. Mike gave us good feedback about how this camera work wasn’t continuing very well from the previous scene. For this to work our character, Anam, would have to either exit screen left in the previous scene (to enter right in this scene) or Mike also suggested that Anam entering above the camera in this scene could work (as she disappears over a hill previously). I had some fun trying out some different versions of this. I was working with Mark’s old version of the swim cycle.

At first I was having trouble. I knew I wanted to start with Anam going over the camera and then pan left to reveal the ship but if i started too far right then the camera would have to move too fast in order to reach and focus on the ship (in 5 seconds). I also didn’t want to move Anam’s starting point left as she needed to travel from a right to left direction and follow the projection of the cliff.

Clare and I also discussed what it might look like if the camera seemed to have one continuous ‘bottom right to upper left’ motion through scenes 01 and 02. I tried straightening out the ease in and ease out of the camera graph (not very well by the looks of it) but thought it looked quite jarring.

I also tried moving the camera to follow Anam inward and frame the ship in the monument but wasn’t sure if it worked so well with Anam out of frame so much and the final composition didn’t feel that strong either.

Another variation of framing the ship:

In this one the camera starts on the left which didn’t fit with the previous scene again (it didn’t look that interesting anyway).

This was the one I was most pleased with as it got a closer shot of Anam and then revealed the ship without being too rushed.

I also tried a version of Anam coming from under the camera but didn’t think this worked as well plus Clare, Abigail and Mark seemed happy with Anam above.

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