3rd Year’s Work and Study Placements

Talking to the 3rd years on the 13th about their placement was great. I was most impressed by Kristian Glenn’s work and thought it was cool that he got to work around music that he enjoys but I think it was Fiona Mc Laughlin who gave the best advice and insights.

  • The right team mates aren’t always found by going out and actively seeking them. Always keep your eyes open for potential team members. Socialising in groups dedicated to different subject areas is important e.g. Farset labs.
  • The energy, enthusiasm and dedication that you pitch a project with is more important than your current skill level. You need to show your dedication in order to sway people to work with you, show you’re serious.
  • Do whatever terrifies you the most. I think this last piece of advice is the best. I too often let fear and unsurety lead the way:( Ha mum reminded me today of how close I’d been to not applying for art university. I sent my application in the day before deadline! How much I would have missed!

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