Yuan’s Feedback

We were watching The Wanderer (2015) with Yuan and she pointed out the use of light and tonality (see screenshots below). She suggested that we should think of our animation in terms of greyscale first as it’s easy to get carried away with colour. I think we could do this by either light intensity, shading darker to lighter with materials or Alec also mentioned how we could render using layers but I’d have to look that up again. Once we have our lights and darks sorted out it might be good to consider how we can make depth with a range of warm to cold colours leading into our scene. Abigail and I were discussing having warm colours on the character and colder on background maybe?  I also think because our animation is happening around sunset and dusk that the light and shadow contrast would be quite soft. Yuan pointed out that the use of very soft filtered light might add to the romantic mood that’s happening in our scene.

Screen Shot 04-22-15 at 04.32 PM 003 Screen Shot 04-22-15 at 04.32 PM 003b Screen Shot 04-22-15 at 04.33 PM 002

Something similar to this back lighting might happen in ours at some point as Anam is travelling towards the sunset.

Screen Shot 04-22-15 at 04.34 PM 001

Screenshots are from this animation that Clare found:) The Wanderer (2015)

I really love this screenshot from Old Fangs (2009). We should consider how we can bring out the character’s silhouette with rim lighting but maybe we’ll not go too crazy so as to keep the lighting looking quite soft. Abigail also pointed out in this and in the Andy Kehoe drawings that there are some low detailed trees behind the detailed ones which works really well!:)

Screen Shot 03-13-15 at 12.38 PM 007

Yuan also mentioned today that we need to focus more on our cause and effect in the story so that it just doesn’t look like a character moving around from a to b without purpose. She suggested that we give more time for our first and last shot (and less time to middle) so as to give time to establish the setting and then show the effect. As we discussed before, getting the setting across and giving the story context will be very important for our story to work. Yuan agreed that the textures and detail will be very important for this but we need to make sure that the background never overpowers our main focus which is the character.

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