Anam Cloak nCloth

This is the cloak that I modeled to go over Abigail’s model of Anam and then converted to nCloth. I had started this by cutting a plane into the shape of the cloak out flat thinking that it would be easy to fold loosely in place for falling over the character. Duplicating the faces of the torso and extending the geometry down turned out to be a much easier solution and I then tried to reroute the mesh so that hopefully it deforms more cloth-like.

Screen Shot 04-20-15 at 12.22 AM

Ambient occlusion<3 It looks like I might have to apply it to the output mesh separately to the input mesh.


nCloth version:

This is what the nCloth looks like on a plane that hasn’t been shaped:

These are tests with Anam. We might get a better result if we apply one of the cloth presets or I can play with the cloth thickness or other attributes.

This is where I tried to make the collar stiffer by adding ‘point to surface’ nConstraints:

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