Texture Experiments


These are some texture tests I did to try and get a better feel of the shading networks in Maya. I used some of the techniques I learned from Digital Tutors like using bump maps with different textures and creating an object with two materials by using the layered shader and transparency. I still need to look more into making custom and hand painted textures to experiment more for our Slán animation.

3 thoughts on “Texture Experiments

  1. They are awesome Tasha! I really like that third one with the blue and purple marble type look :). The reflections are also beautiful 🙂


    • Thank you!^^ That’s my favourite one too. We’re thinking of having lots of Celtic/stylized patterns scattered around our animation so I still need to figure out that one. It’s quite scary thinking about all the things we need to learnO.O

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      • No problem! ^^
        Yeah the learning curve is terrifying! You’ll be grand though 🙂 You’ve a great team and you’re incredible.

        What our team are doing is downloading all the relevant digital tutors videos and passsing them between ourselves so one person focuses on one particular thing like texturing or camera movement etc.
        The celtic patterns is tricky though! I wonder if you could design a celtic text and use maya’s create text 3d thing?
        Looks like you’ve got texturing down for the most part anyway! Good Luck 🙂

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