Slán Character Development

week_09_character_01_resized week_09_character_02_resized week_09_character_03_resized week_09_character_04_resized week_09_character_05b_resized

These are some more sketches I did for our character. I wanted to get your feedback before I go doing orthographic drawings for modeling from. Are any of them close to what you’d like? Abigail’s drawings had more chibi-like proportions so is it okay that I’m drawing with slightly more realistic/longer proportions? I also think that the cloak makes a nicer silhouette when it fans out at the bottom a bit instead of wrapped tightly. That wouldn’t be too hard to animate would it? I imagine that it will work fine if we play with a heavier ncloth draped over the body. Also do you prefer the neck being covered like in the second drawing or the cloak following the body more closely? Any preference for the tail? Is the length okay in the last drawing?

I haven’t drawn any finished looking Celtic patterns. I thought it’d be nice to have a clear connection between the patterns on the rocks and the patterns on the character’s clothes and face. Abigail and I were also discussing how it might work well if the character is very light coloured (maybe glows slightly) to stand out against a darker background? Like in Ori and the Blind Forest?

After we decide on the character (so there’s something to start modeling from) I can quickly add some backpack designs also.

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