Camera Movements

Helping to plan shots for the Genome Tower has made me realise all over again how much I need to learn about cameras and planning moving shots alone. It will be particularly useful to learn about for our Hard-Soft animation project also.

These shots from Solaris (2002) were particularly helpful in planning our camera shots of the Genome Tower:

We also looked at Interstellar (2014).  In this video they talk briefly about visualising the black hole which is interesting:

This Telegraph article and video on Gravity‘s (2013) behind the scenes is also very interesting! Haha, 7000 years to render on one computer….

We tried doing a trombone shot also but it didn’t fit very well so we decided to leave it out. I found this short video on the history and science of the dolly zoom to help me understand it a little better!:)

2001: A Space Odyssey also had some gorgeous shots of the large and slow sci-fi feel that we were going for:

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