Belfast Genome Tower

This is Kerry, Christian, Matthew and I’s finished project for the building Belfast design brief.

For the animated infographics we modified a template we got from to reflect our own collected data:

The song is Emerge From Smoke by Shlomo which Kerry found. Unfortunately youtube mutes it every time I upload but it’s too good of a fit to replace.

We spent a long time on the ideation and conceptualization stages and even spent quite a while considering carrying out our own data collection on more unusual statistics that we could base our designs around e.g. head size, coffee orders, fashion etc. In the end we settled on the idea of storing the population’s genomes as data on servers and did a photo mash of our sketchbook pages in photoshop. Matthew sketched the image below from what was produced:Matthew_sketch

The top part is for pumping water around the helix cooling system and the middle part is a heat sink. Obviously we got some design inspiration from Watson and Crick and the DNA double helix for storing our data. In the final design we have 80 spheres (2 on each rung) and within each sphere are 64 servers storing 8TB of data each. These are some shot and lighting tests that Matthew did:

We liked the effect of varying depth of field and pulling focus but it added a lot of time to the render and the view in the view port was a lot different than what was being produced in the mental ray renders. We decided not to use it this time but it’s definitely something to consider for the future.

These are some design and lighting tests for the heat sink I modeled:

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