Old Fangs (2009) from Cartoon Saloon has been a very inspirational short. I was having trouble trying to visualize a style that would accommodate simple rigging as we were keen to have a limbed person in our shots at the start. Old Fangs is a great example of where a simple drawing style comes together in a really appealing way with colour, light, texture and shot design. I really love how the stylization has been worked into the environments and this also led us down the trail of thoughts towards adding more old-Ireland/celtic/magic elements to our story. We’re hoping to experiment a lot with shape and textures in our 3D world.

Old Fangs (2009):

Likewise in Song of the Sea, the environments are full of stylized/abstract shapes which would be fun to model! I love that lighthouse and cliff. I think it would also be fun to come up with abstract ways of suggesting objects/shapes rather than being ultra-realistic all the time.

Song of the Sea (2014):

I really like the character design and use of stark white contrast in this one: Le Silence Sous l’Ecorce

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