Keith Lango 1: Creating Good Poses

These are my notes from Keith Lango’s Video Tutorial Series 1: Creating Good Poses.

Part 1

Part 2

VTS 1: Creating Good Poses

  • “Your animation is only as good as your poses. You can have good timing, good over-lapping action, good follow through but if your poses are not strong and to the point (telling the story) you do not have good animation.” (Ham Luske)
  • Good poses communicate the character immediately.
  • The story only has meaning if we care about our characters. Character is king.
  • Two elements make us care about the character: appeal and emotion which are both found in the pose.
  • Appeal: A character has appeal if they’re immediately identifiable and their feelings/thoughts are easy to read.

Screen Shot 03-07-15 at 09.25 AM 001

Screen Shot 03-07-15 at 09.25 AM

  • Emotion: what they’re feeling tells you who they are as a character.
  • How a character holds her/himself tells you who they are. Good poses = Good Storytelling.
  • Look at you 3d characters from a 2d standpoint. That’s how the audience experiences them.
  • Great poses still have motion in them. Look at the line of action even in a stationary character. Lead the eye.

Screen Shot 03-07-15 at 09.33 AM 001

  • Primary line of action indicates the general force in the character’s pose.
  • Pose variety: think of your poses in terms of music. The volume is the strength/intensity of your pose and the rhythm is how fast/slow it is. Think of your scenes as having one pose which is more important/intense than the rest and the other poses should work in concert with this pose. (like music, it’s good to have a balance of intense and calm.)
  • Reversing the line of action builds contrast in your poses (from screen left to right). This follows the build up and release of energy. Vertical lines of action are good for emphasis but, like exclamation marks, should not be overused.

Screen Shot 03-07-15 at 09.41 AM 001

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