The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #11: Billion Dollar Stories

Sometimes when I’m on the bus I like to take notes of podcasts that I listen to. These are some points I took from the Paul Briggs interview on the Bancroft Brothers podcast:

  • Students are competing with people who have 20+ years of experience so cut your teeth at smaller companies.
  • Find mentors to critique the test work you produce.
  • If you meet with someone always follow up with a thank you letter.
  • You’re a writer with your drawings. Pin up your sequences on a board and put post-it notes on all the story beats. Make the beats as tight as possible. Check out Bill Pete’s boards for Tarzan for a good example of this. Economy: capture a simple idea with as little sketches as possible.
  • Head of story wrangles the team. Ask: Why is story here? Why is sequence here? Why does this moment work? The head of story is a conduit between crew and director and should therefore work on boards too as well as supervise.
  • Why are you making this movie? What message are you trying to convey?
  • Choices are what define us. Talk to old people about their lives.

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