Platoon (1986) Character Spreadsheet

This is a link to the spreadsheet on my google drive:

Tasha Peelan, Oisin, Kerry and I watched Platoon together and took note of what all the characters were doing each scene during the movie. We then compiled all the information together onto a Google spreadsheet to see an overall picture of each character (the green boxes show their on-screen time). We tried exploring each character to see whose off screen story we could have the most fun with. Some of our ideas were:

  • Chris and Elias have an off-screen love story, causing much jealousy to Barnes. Tasha and Oisin believed there to be much potential here.
  • Vietnamese perspective: we considered charting the off screen stories of either the opposing NVA troops or the natives from the Vietnamese village.
  • Barnes’ failing marriage: We thought of explaining Barnes’ bitterness and anger by creating letters from Barnes’ home that would make him easier to empathise with.
  • Psycho Bunny: We thought of taking a look into Bunny’s mind as his character seems to become particularly twisted with the ‘freedoms of war’.
  • Lieutenant Wolfe: Wolfe acts very submissive and seems very ill suited for his position so we thought of creating correspondence home that would show the pressures from a high achieving father who is always disappointed with Wolfe.
  • Jungle animals: Animals appear a lot throughout the movie (snakes, ants, deer, leeches, birds) and we thought they’d provide an interesting neutral perspective on the war. This led us to thinking about the water buffalo as a character.

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