Feedback on Presentation and Artifacts

We were trying to experiment with how our schematic would look visually but strayed too far from Phil Campbell’s designs.

Our schematic might have been more successful if we had of planned our time and given ourselves more time to illustrate the other character’s timelines e.g. I had suggested we represent the other characters with different coloured string that would weave around Suong’s and Bao’s journey and be tied at nails/pivot points that would represent important scenes (a simplified 3d map). However we ran out of time to do any more work.

Although our choice of colour was a result from our research into Vietnamese art, it looked very similar to some of the other teams’ schematics. The schematic for The Thin Red Line even had a similar colour separation for the threshold which reminded me of what the second years had reminded us about –  the first 20 or so ideas that a team has, every other team will probably have also.

Our other obvious problem was that we didn’t plan in advance to give ourselves enough time to rehearse the presentation and didn’t realise it would take so long to present.

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