Michael Pawlyn: Using nature’s genius in architecture.

Architecture inspired by nature is a trend that I seem to be coming across a lot. This talk is interesting in that it takes it one step further and discusses how design problems can be solved by using biomimicry i.e. study how plants solve problems and use these mechanisms to solve our own.

E.g. the study of ETFE allows for more design possibilities. ETFE is a high strength polymer that’s lighter than glass and because of this less steel can be used allowing for more sunlight to enter a structure. It’s layered and inflated to create a bubble shape.

Closed loops in relation to material use and sustainable design is also discussed: the waste from one project can become the nutrient of the other.

I’m not yet sure how we’re going to approach materials in our data visualisation project but it certainly seems to be something that can inform design. Plus if our building is to be liveable in it should take sustainability into account.

2 thoughts on “Michael Pawlyn: Using nature’s genius in architecture.

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