Architecture is a Language: Daniel Libeskind at TEDxDublin

I like how this guy approaches designing architecture. It seems like a really good idea to start with drawings that are loose and capture the mood of what you want to build. Sometimes I get caught up with trying to figure out things like perspective. Libeskind says that ‘Architecture is based on balance’ and therefore sees it as something you would sense with your inner ear rather than your visual sense (abstract?). He sees drawing as spiritual as it captures something which isn’t physical.

He designs according to history and memory like in the Military History Museum in Dresden which takes the city’s timeline into account.

I liked the question he asked himself when designing Keppel Bay: how can living space in a high density development feel individual to the person? How do you create a sense of space? This might be important to take into account when designing a building that houses all of Belfast.

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