Mangrove Tree Skyscrapers

Christian found this cool spiralling skyscraper design modelled after the mangrove tree. Reminds me of Michael Pawlyn’s Ted talk where he discusses biomimicry. The repeated design would also support instancing well.

Shimizu Corporation

Kerry found this article about designs for an underwater city that seems to have influenced our thinking a bit.

Strutner S. (2015) Japan Reveals Designs for First Underwater City, And We’re in Awe:

I found that Shimizu Corporation, who designed this, also have some more interesting design projects on their website like this ‘Green Float’ one:

Scott Robertson Sketchbook

Scott Robertson: sketchbook tour 2 with Neville Page:

I’m still struggling to produce solid designs in perspective. It’s mostly the design part which is a challenge but then a good design can fall apart with bad perspective also. Scott Robertson gives some good advice in this video for designing with volume plus it’s just outright inspirational. I have notes in week 5 of my sketchbook.

Closed Loop Production and Consumption

We were talking about how to dispose of waste and I was reminded of Michael Pawlyn’s Ted talk were he mentioned closed loops production. So I did some searching for how waste can be recycled into energy.

Rosenthal E. (2010) Using Waste, Swedish City Cuts It’s Fuel Use:

Green Energy: Harnessing the power of landfill gas to create green, clean energy:

Fox News: Turning Garbage into Gas

We could have a landfill conversion plant if need be as part of our floating city.